How to Properly Maintain the Nature Machine ?

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Ayurveda is a method used by the ancient sages to cure ailments. Today, it is not just a matter of using prescriptions, but of combining the medical methods that we have developed with the generation of indigenous medicine and the medical methods that we have received from India to carry out the prevention of diseases by producing various medicines using modern technology.

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Figure 1: Ayurveda is a method used by the ancient sages to cure ailments.

Under the heading 'Colonial Genocide in Ayurveda', infectious diseases are clearly explained in terms of how people cope with infectious diseases, how to get rid of them and the procedures to be followed after infection and diet.

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Although there are no proper treatments and procedures for Covid 19 that are experienced in a timely manner, Ayurvedic practitioners believe that those who follow these Ayurvedic practices and instructions can reduce the risk of developing the disease and get rid of those complications if infected.

In Ayurveda, the diet and advice on how to suppress conditions such as mucus, which provides the root seed, are as follows.

• Avoid frequent cold foods. Example: Ice cream, milk, yoghurt (especially for those with respiratory problems should be considered as there is a risk of contracting infectious diseases. Post Images

Figure 3: Avoid frequent cold foods
• Eat local fruits. Uplands: Beach, Naminan, Cabaranka

• Be accustomed to porridges and medicines. Example: Elabatu leaf porridge, Yatinarang leaf porridge, Karapincha leaf porridge, Gotukola porridge, Ginger coriander, Venivelgeta drink (here it is important to mix 2 coriander per 1 ginger).

• Drink Coriander and Passadagam mixed equally

• Drink cow's milk with a little crushed raw ginger and pepper

• Boiling broth

• Honey drink mixed with ginger Post Images

Especially young children (under the age of 5) are prone to allergies to these drinks (bitter and bitter taste), so red tincture can be added as a trick. In this case, the proper dose should be given according to the age on the advice of a proper doctor and obtained from a proper standard institute. Here are the pros and cons of Ayurveda to prevent contagious diseases.

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• Sleeping during the day can increase the risk of septicemia.
• Things like sleeping and bathing at night increase the risk of infection.

We can also use smoke (agile, google, cedar, etc.) and yoga activities to cleanse the air around us.

In Ayurveda, Perumkayam medicine holds a very high position for the eradication of infectious diseases as well as for many other purposes. Perumkayam, a plant of the genus Ambilifile (a genus of flower umbrellas), we obtain from the glue on its ribosomes.

Due to the lack of a suitable climatic environment for this plant in Sri Lanka, it is mainly imported from India.

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It is used in Sri Lankan traditional medicine and Ayurvedic medicine as a preservative because of its anti-viral properties against viruses, fungi and various worms. Due to this extraordinary quality, during the period of covid 19, Sri Lankans were more inclined to use Perumkayam, reflecting on past practices. They are tied to a piece of white cloth with perumkayam, wadakaha.

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In India, Perumkayam is used as a brightening agent in food flavoring. (In the form of a spice) In addition, it is also used in Ayurveda to relax muscles, increase diarrhea and increase mental strength.

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